Watch Nvidia's CES 2019 Keynote Live Here

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will take to the stage tonight at CES 2019 to deliver his keynote. The livestream, embedded below, begins on Sunday, January 6 at 8 pm PT. We'll also be in the crowd covering the event live, so be sure to tune in for our coverage for deeper analysis.

It’s been a challenging few months for Nvidia as the bottom has fallen out of the cryptocurrency mining market. That led to a sharp downturn in graphics sales and an oversupply of popular models, such as the GeForce GTX 1060. That has led to speculation that Nvidia has withheld the Turing-based RTX 2060 graphics cards until it could clear its inventory of older cards. It’s now been several months since Nvidia announced the oversupply, and given that it is Jensen Huang’s CEO keynote, we expect the card to be formally launched here at the show. We also expect updates to Nvidia’s line of mobile graphics cards, such as the RTX 20-series Max-Q.

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  • spentshells
    Over supply of cards but no price cut, no wonder they just flopped on the market.
  • JACrazy
    Saturday, January 6? That doesnt sound right.
  • PaulAlcorn
    2181625 said:
    Saturday, January 6? That doesnt sound right.

    Doh! Thanks, fixed :)