Report: Nvidia Making Dual-GK110 Graphics Card

A report from has shed light on some interesting developments for Nvidia, with particular emphasis on two possible graphics cards that we might be seeing in the future. The two graphics cards are the supposed GTX Titan Ultra, as well as the supposed GTX 790.

The GTX Titan Ultra is fairly straightforward. It would feature the same GK110 GPU as the current GTX Titan and GTX 780, except that it would have all the 2880 CUDA cores enabled. For comparison, the GTX Titan has 2688 CUDA cores enabled, and the GTX 780 runs with 2304 CUDA cores enabled.

Secondly, Nvidia might be releasing a GTX 790 in the future. The idea for this graphics card is that it would feature not one, but two GK110 GPUs, though it is uncertain on the CUDA core count per GPU. Realistically, we shouldn't expect even near fully-enabled GK110 parts. The graphics card is meant as an answer to the upcoming AMD Hawaii graphics cards, as Nvidia would want to keep the crown for building the fastest graphics card on the market. Moreover, its price is expected not to exceed $1,000. Making such a graphics card might be a challenge, but in the past we've seen Nvidia put two high-power GPUs on a single PCB with the GTX 295.

The report also indicates that Nvidia will be releasing the GeForce GTX 800 series 'Maxwell' graphics cards sometime in Q1 2014. Due to this being sooner than expected, it is a possibility that the 'Maxwell' graphics cards won't be baked on a 20 nm lithography just yet, as it appears that TSMC won't be ready for 20 nm lithography until June 2014.

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  • DarkSable
    My 670 will hold me just fine until I can get a dual 20nm card...
  • John Bauer
    How about releasing some sort of poor-mans card? Or lowering the prices? Not every gamer has deep pockets.
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  • DarkSable
    My 670 will hold me just fine until I can get a dual 20nm card...
  • jhansonxi
    A dual-GPU card was on of the last things 3Dfx created before their implosion.
  • 17seconds
    ... And also from the same report at dated August 21, 2013, Nvidia will be releasing a series of new mid-range graphics cards within the GTX 700 Ti family.