Nvidia's GeForce GTX260 Cards Debut Well Above MSRP

Nvidia’s GTX260 cards are hitting retail shelves today and if you are looking to buy one of these cards, don’t expect to get a good deal. At least we have not been able to spot a card at the suggested retail price of $399 today.

The cheapest GTX260 models appear to be EVGA’s cars with retails prices hovering around $435. XFX, PNY and Palit cards are slightly more expensive with an observed price range of $440 to $530. BFG cards are traditionally pricey and the GTX260 is no exception. These cards are currently offered between $575 and $750. At that point, you may want to consider a GTX280 card, which are on the market from about $645.

  • compy386
    So it's 50% more expensive than a card (HD 4870) that's faster than it.
  • njalterio
    wow....I can't imagine how nvidia expects to make money.
  • dariushro
    ^ from ignorance of masses.
  • macer1

    njalterio nvidia makes MOST of its money from vendors like Dell & HP.

    People put a precieved performance on price, not benchmarks.
  • eagle07
    dariushro^ from ignorance of masses.
    Bingo...give dariushro a point....Nvidia has a great pr machine.
  • techtre2003
    Newegg has 4 GTX260 cards at $399, including a BFG card. On a side note, they also have the PNY GTX280 for $600 after $50 rebate.
  • mr roboto
    ^^ I was just going to say the same thing.
  • goonting
    marketing works wonders...
  • njalterio
    Geez guys!

    Thanks for flaming me...lol. I was mainly referring to the enthusiast market. Not Dell, HP, etc.
  • gm0n3y
    Nvidia is probably short on supply of these puppies, so stores are charging inflated rates before they sell out of them. Of course the fact that the card has a $400 MSRP is purely Nvidia's ignorance/greed.


    You think they would have check the egg, as far as I can tell its the defacto standard for cheap pricing on computer parts.