GE Announces Kepler Graphics Card for Military and Aviation

Yes, they may not be mainstream graphics cards, but they pack current GPU technology and offer it for special markets such as military applications and airplanes. GE said it just updated the Nvidia Fermi-based GRA111 and is now shipping the Kepler-based GRA112 with Nvidia's EXK107 graphics core.

“Program managers are under continuous pressure to reduce development costs and time-to-market while delivering maximum performance in the most demanding applications,” said Rod Rice, GM for military and aerospace products at GE, in a prepared statement. “The GRA112 provides a level of performance that, in many applications, is substantially superior to what is possible with traditional programming techniques – allowing developers to implement more sophisticated, more performance-hungry algorithms.”

The card carries 2 GB of GDDR5 memory and uses the standard 384 processing cores and 64 GBps internal memory bandwidth, as well as 16 GBps external PCI Express bandwidth. The floating point performance is promised at 622 double-precision GFlops. The big deal is, of course, the possibility to develop GPGPU applications based on CUDA for the card.

GE did not release pricing and availability data for the GRA112.

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  • NightLight
    that's big business for the green team!
  • rozz
    For this article, I can legitimately ask the question, "will it play crisis?"
  • leo2kp
    I can honestly say that if I saw that thing in an airplane or something else, I would never have thought "yep, that's a graphics card."