More Nvidia Pascal Titan X Details Emerge

Last week, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang dropped some bombshell news at a Standford University artificial intelligence meetup. Huang revealed the existence of the Pascal-based Titan X to some of the brightest minds in the AI field in attendance and gave the first units to a few of the lucky researches on hand.

After the reveal, we didn’t really know much about the new Titan X. Nvidia said that it is the most powerful single GPU ever built and revealed that the GPU will deliver 11 TFLOPS of floating point performance from 3,584 CUDA cores that boost at 1.53GHz. We were also told the Titan X would come equipped with 12GB of GDDR5X that delivered 480GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Today, Nvidia answered many of our questions about the upcoming graphics behemoth. We don’t have raw performance numbers for you yet, but we can confirm several details.

Nvidia’s new Titan X is not technically a member of the GeForce family, but it will deliver unheard of gaming performance, nonetheless. Nvidia told us the Titan X is being aimed at professional content creators and deep learning researches, but the company acknowledged that the card will undoubtedly be used by gamers with exceptionally deep pockets.

The Pascal Titan X supports all the same technologies that the rest of the Pascal GPUs are designed for, including simultaneous multi-projection, asynchronous compute and support for Nvidia Ansel. The Titan X will also support SLI, but if you were hoping for more than 2-way SLI, you’ll be disappointed. Nvidia is sticking to its guns with dropping support for 3-way and 4-way SLI configurations, even with its top of the line hardware.

The Titan X features a new GPU called the GP-102, which is built on a 471mm2 die. Nvidia confirmed that the Titan X follows the same structure as the other 10-series cards. In other words, the 3584 Cuda Core GPU will feature 224 texture units, and we expect to see 96 ROPs.

When asked about the name, Nvidia said that Titan X is being considered a brand of its own. The company doesn’t expect there to be much confusion in the marketplace, but it plans to label the Pascal-based GPUs clearly to help avoid such a problem.

The Titan X will go on sale on August 2 for $1,200. Nvidia will sell the cards directly through its own website and won’t be allowing partners to build and sell their own variations.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)
Cuda Cores3584
Base Clock1471 MHz
Boost Clock1531 MHz
Memory Capacity12GB
Memory Speed10 Gbps
Memory Bus384-bit
Memory Bandwidth480 GB/s
Technology SupportSimultaneous Multi-Projection
VR Ready
Nvidia Ansel
GPU Boost 3.0
Direct X 12
Open GL 4.5
Display Support7680x4320 @ 60Hz
Row 17 - Cell 0 DP 1.4
Row 18 - Cell 0 HDMI 2.0b
Row 19 - Cell 0 Dual Link DVI
GPU Height4.376"
GPU Length10.5"
GPU Widthdual-slot
Max GPU Temp94-degrees C
GPU Power Draw250W
PSU Requirements600W
Power Connectors1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • uglyduckling81
    With the 1080's selling in Aus for about $1300 I'm scared of how much one of these is going to cost.
    Got to be $2500+
  • aldaia
    "The Titan X will go on sale on August 2 for $1,200. Nvidia will sell the cards directly through its own website"
    $1200 is about AUS $1600
  • DrinkTray
    It's not very big either. Only 10.5 inches. Should fit most boxes.
  • azzazel_99
    Boooooooo. The Titan cards have always been the super high end gamers card. This one seems series though seems like they are shitting on the gamers. I'm iffy we will even see a 1080ti. When will nvidia let partner companies make their own? If i could have a better cooler i would have purchased a titan in the past. Ugh nvidia you are really pissing me off. This thing is also using gddr5x (big deal) and only 12 gb's of it? This means if we even get a 1080ti it will most likely also have 8gb like the 1080 so there wont be much seperation there. I guess im stuck waiting for next gen cards before i upgrade. Perhaps my 780ti classifieds will hold me over until then.
  • Beholder88
    Naming the card the Titan X, again, is going to cause some confusion. Unless there's some other way to differentiate between the previous version people who are out there shopping for one need to pay close attention. I think if you're going to drop over $1k on a GPU you should be doing your research, but you never know. Also, 12GB? If they're aiming this at professionals and not gamers then AMD has the upper hand with their new Radeon Pro. As to the cooler comment, nVidia has only sold their Titan's with the reference design. Unless you want to get a water block you're pretty much out of luck for an aftermarket cooler design.
  • DrShocker com
    what the hell first it is only selling its own versions and now it doesnt support 4 way SLI ???? i guess ill keep my 4 maxwell Titans X's for now
  • ledhead11
    Well its easy to be wrong with all this but it looks like its priming the market for the TI's. I know many are concerned they may not be coming but this really resembles the release schedule of the 900x's. When the 980ti came out it actually had some of the next tech that the then current titan's didn't.

    It also follows the logic of what many gamers found out. You could SLI two TI's for a better price/performance than Titans. Nvidia got a lot of grief from Titan owners over that. This totally explains why they are trying to separate it from the crowd.

    Similar things have happened with the Quadro series over the years in between different gens. There was a time when some found they could use 970's, 980's, or Titans for a lot less money and get close to the same or better performance. It's just that Nvidia's top consumer cards are so close in the performance tiers that they are trying to find the niche of "affordable" pro cards.
  • Sloblo
    Dang, So much for my Quad-TitanX build. I like how they made it look even more like the bat-mobile than the 1080 does.

    Shuh-nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh-nuh, Bat-Card....
  • Piiilabyte
    The 1080s are selling for a higher price than NVIDIA's website because of lack of availability. These are 3rd party sellers. NVIDIA will be the sole seller for the Pascal Titan X... and looking at the price, there won't be as many buyers as there was for the 1080
  • bit_user
    18335238 said:
    I'm iffy we will even see a 1080ti. ... This means if we even get a 1080ti it will most likely also have 8gb like the 1080 so there wont be much seperation there.
    It's guaranteed, there'll be a 1080 Ti and it'll have 12 GB. If not, then it'll be DoA.

    The new Titan X is for people with more money than patience. It could also ease the burden on the GP104 demand, slightly.

    18335238 said:
    Perhaps my 780ti classifieds will hold me over until then.
    Ouch. Maxwell was really a big step up, you know? A single 1080 would probably outrun your 780 Ti SLI setup.