Report: Dell Confirms Nvidia Quadro RTX Mobile GPUs

Dutch media Tweakers has gotten its hands on a Dell PowerPoint presentation that seemingly confirms that Nvidia will release mobile versions of its Quadro RTX graphics cards.

(Image credit: Tweakers)

The Dell Precision 5000-series and 7000-series mobile workstations reportedly employ Intel's latest 9th-generation Coffee Lake-H Refresh (CFL-HR) processors, that span from the Core i5 quad-core models up to the Core i9 octa-core chips. Both product lines rock a 15-inch, UHD touchscreen.

The Precision 5000-series looks like it will support 64GB of memory and comes with 4TB of storage, with the Precision 7000-series accommodating up to 128GB of memory and featuring 6TB of storage. According to the slides, Dell's upcoming Precision 5000-series and 7000-series mobile workstations sport an aluminium body and carbon fiber lid, and Dell will offer models manufactured entirely out of aluminium at a later date. Carbon fiber is a widely used material because of its properties, such as high strength and low weight. Several of Dell's previous Precision and XPS laptops already incorporated carbon fiber into their designs. 

Nvidia Quadro RTX Desktop GPU Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Quadro RTX 4000Quadro RTX 5000Quadro RTX 6000Quadro RTX 8000
Architecture (GPU)Turing (TU104)Turing (TU104)Turing (TU102)Turing (TU102)
CUDA Cores2,3043,0724,6084,608
Single-Precision Performance7.1 TFLOPS11.2 TFLOPS16.3 TFLOPS16.3 TFLOPS
Tensor Performance57 TLFOPs89.2 TFLOPS130.5 TFLOPS130.5 TFLOPS
Rays Cast6 Giga Rays/Sec8 Giga Rays/Sec10 Giga Rays/Sec10 Giga Rays/Sec
Tensor Cores288384576576
RT Cores36487272
Texture Units144192288288
Base Clock Rate1,005 MHz1,620 MHz1,440 MHz1,395 MHz
GPU Boost Rate1,545 MHz1,815 MHz1,770 MHz1,770 MHz
Memory Capacity8GB GDDR616GB GDDR624GB GDDR648GB GDDR6
Memory Clock13 Gbps14 Gbps14 Gbps14 Gbps
Memory Bus256-bit256-bit384-bit384-bit
Memory Bandwidth416 GB/s448 GB/s672 GB/s672 GB/s
L2 Cache4MB4MB6MB6MB
Transistor Count13.6 billion13.6 billion18.6 billion18.6 billion
Die Size545 mm²545 mm²754 mm²754 mm²

The current Quadro RTX desktop GPU lineup is comprised of four models: Quadro RTX 4000, RTX 5000, RTX 6000 and RTX 8000. Nvidia hasn't officially announced any Turing-powered Quadro RTX mobile graphics cards, so it's still in doubt whether or not the chipmaker will give the entire Quadro RTX family the mobile treatment. In fact, the previous Pascal Quadro desktop family didn't get the full treatment. Only the Quadro P1000, P2000, P4000 and P5000 were made available in mobile form, while the flagship Quadro P6000 never made it to the mobile realm.

If Nvidia continues its past practices, the Quadro RTX mobile models should resemble their desktop counterparts in most aspects. Due to the TDP (thermal design power) constraint for mobile devices, Nvidia sometimes shaves off some of the CUDA cores or a bit of memory from the mobile variants. The graphics cards' core and memory operating clocks will most likely vary as well.

According to the slides, the Precision 5000-series and 7000-series will land in the middle of July. If true, we should see an announcement from Nvidia on the Quadro RTX mobile graphics cards before then.

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