Oculus Announces 'Oculus Concepts' Early Access Program For VR Devs

On the heels of the Samsung Gear VR mobile VR HMD launch (that went live today), Oculus has announced a new early access platform for developers creating virtual reality games and apps that want community feedback while their projects are being created.

Oculus Concepts has been added to the Oculus Store. Taking a page from Steam's Early Access program, Concepts lets developers distribute experimental applications and games to whoever is interested in trying out bleeding-edge VR development.

Oculus said that it recognizes that many of the best VR experiences available today were heavily influenced by community feedback from getting them out early. Oculus hopes that developers will see Concepts as a catalyst to help define the future of what VR entertainment can be.

Savvy early adopters who pre-ordered a Gear VR and received their headsets for launch day can already check out the Concepts section of the Oculus Store. You can purchase and download a select number of games and apps already. Developers interested in adding their creations to the Oculus Concepts store can find all the submission guidelines on Oculus's website.

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