OCZ sees more room in DDR1 speed, clocks memory at 772 MHz

OCZ Technology today said it has built a dual-channel DDR1-772 memory with 3-4-4 timings. OCZ claims a bandwidth of 8442 MByte per second at DDR1-660 while 772 MHz was attained within the SiSoft Sandra Memory bandwidth test.

"Our test results clearly show that DDR1 has not reached the end of life phase yet," said Dr. Michael Schuette, Director of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. "Compared to state of the art DDR2, as showcased for example by Kingston, we can still push the performance envelope quite a bit higher while maintaining a more consumer-friendly price level. Especially for the high-end, AMD-oriented market segment, the new high-speed DDR1 solutions open up new dimensions in desktop computing." (THG)