One of Our Favorite Gaming Keyboards Is Cheaper Than Ever for Prime Day

hyperx alloy origins

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There’s nothing like treating yourself to a premium mechanical gaming keyboard. The RGB, the sounds of the switches (if that’s your style) and the programmability make for luxury you may not have known you needed with your gaming (or typing) experience. The problem is that the best gaming keyboards can get expensive. That’s why we’re so excited to see one of our favorite gaming clackers on sale for its lowest price ever: $76

If you want a gaming keyboard that has the features of pricier competitors but without looking like a spaceship console, this keyboard is for you. In our HyperX Alloy Origins review, we praised its streamlined, compact design. We loved that it skips any unnecessary bells and whistles so you can get right to gaming. With this price drop, the Alloy Origins is currently one of the best budget mechanical keyboards you can get. 

HyperX Alloy Origins: was $110, now $76 at Amazon

HyperX Alloy Origins: was $110, now $76 at Amazon
In our HyperX Alloy Origins review, we gave the mechanical gaming keyboard 4.5 stars and an Editor's Choice Award, thanks to its well-designed, compact build that skips extra bells and whistles. Get the linear Red version for the cheapest price ever.

Of course, if you do want extras like media controls or macro keys, the Alloy Origins won’t do. Also note that you have to opt for the version with HyperX’s homegrown, linear Red switches (1.8mm actuation points and 3.8mm travel versus Cherry MX Red’s 2mm and 4mm) to get the cheapest price ever. There’s a $5 premium for tactile HyperX Aqua switches, and the version with clicky Blue switches isn’t on sale.

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