PowerColor Reveals Red Devil, Golden Sample RX 580 Graphics Cards

AMD launched the RX 570 and RX 580 graphics cards today, and PowerColor greeted the debut with new entries in its Red Devil line and a more powerful series called Golden Sample. Neither card is an RX 570; the company decided to focus on the more powerful RX 580 at launch.

Those cards are the Red Devil RX 580 8GB, which features a 1,380MHz core clock, and the Red Devil Golden Sample RX 580 8GB, which features a 1,425Mhz core clock. Both of PowerColor’s RX 580 examples feature selectable BIOS profiles for Ultra Overclocking, which lets you push the card to its limits, and Silent Overclocking, which prioritizes low noise output over raw clock speed. PowerColor equipped the RX 580 Red Devil and Golden Sample cards with 6-pin + 8-pin PCI-E power connectors and a 6+1 power phase system to maintain stable power delivery at high frequencies.

PowerColor also equipped its cards with dual 100mm fan cooling solutions. The Red Devil RX 580 includes a 2.5 slot cooler with four 8mm nickel-plated heat pipes, while the Golden Sample edition features 6mm and 8mm nickel-plated heat pipes and a triple slot heatsink to provide extra cooling and allow you to push the GPU to higher limits.

PowerColor said both the Red Devil and Golden Sample RX 580 cards include a 1.5mm metal backplate to add rigidity and protect the PCB from bending under the weight of the large heatsinks. Both cards also include red LEDs to illuminate the card inside your case.

PowerColor is asking $249 for the Red Devil RX 580, and the Red Devil Golden Sample RX 580 commands a $20 premium over the standard Red Devil. The company also offers a Red Dragon RX 580 series with fewer bells and whistles at a lower cost.

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PowerColor Red Devil SeriesRed Devil Golden Sample RX 580Red Devil RX 580
GPURadeon RX 580
Stream Processors2,304 Units
Video Memory8GB GDDR5
Engine ClockUp to 1,425MHzUp to 1,380MHz
Memory Clock2,000MHz
Memory Interface256-Bit
BUS StandardPCI-E 3.0
Display ConnectorsDVI-D/HDMI/3x Display Port
Direct X SupportDX12
Power Connectors6-pin + 8-pin PCI-E Power
PSU Requirements600W550W

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • turkey3_scratch
    I'd rather have the Sapphire, seems better built.
  • kcarbotte
    19579814 said:
    I'd rather have the Sapphire, seems better built.

    I haven't seen either RX 580 card in person yet, but Sapphire and Power Color both make good products.
    I have an RX 480 Red Devil and I find the build quality to be every bit as good as my Sapphire R9 390. I can't speak for the components.

  • RomeoReject
    I can't speak for all their stuff, but Powercolor tends to do good work with AMDs higher end cards, so I'd assume these are very well done.

    Really want that chunky Golden Sample...