Razer Blade 13 Will Have Switchable TDP, Intel Says

The Razer Blade 13, the newly announced gaming ultraportable revealed here in Berlin at IFA today, will have adjustable TDP though the Razer Synapse software, Intel said at a talk largely discussing its upcoming mobile chips.

The talk was hosted by Intel's vice president of tech leadership marketing, Jon Carvill, and chief performance strategist, Ryan Shrout.

When we tested an Ice Lake developer system, we were able to switch between 15W and 25W through Windows but were told that wouldn't be the case for most laptops. We're curious to see how Razer implements an adjustable TDP. 

Razer told Tom's Hardware that this will be synonymous with what has always been allowed in Synapse through Performance, Balanced, and Power Saver modes since the original Blade 15 on Synapse, though it didn't commit to continue using that nomenclature. 

The cooling, Intel said, is meant for the 25W chip, so it's unclear what benefits users might find in battery life or other areas by lowering it.

Update: Sept. 4 at 7:47 p.m. CEST: Updated with comment from Razer.

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  • Giroro
    I'm sure the processor will down-clock when idle, so lowering the clock/TDP will just make the processor work for a longer period of time before going idle. I think it will have a small effect on battery life, at best. There's even a chance it could lower battery life if doing the work slower keeps other parts of the system active for longer as well. Usually a switchable TDP isn't about efficiency, it is is so a designer can make the a single chip work in multiple machines/form factors without having to keep multiple parts in inventory, right?
  • NightHawkRMX
    So from thermal throttle to thermal throttle worse. Nice!
  • GetSmart
    From around the net, first Razer Blade Stealth' with Ice Lake GPU performance surpasses Ryzen Mobile (in Japanese). Second, videos of Razer Blade Stealth hands on... [MEDIA=youtube]qvfWudQSfQw[/MEDIA]
    And running Halo: Reach...[MEDIA=youtube]yk_0wsjPqpM[/MEDIA]