Razer Teams Up With Humanscale for New Productivity Peripherals

Razer Pro Type Box
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Lots of people are working from home these days. While some of them may own gaming-grade peripherals (some of the options for the best gaming mouse and best best gaming keyboards are great for work), many don't get those benefits.  Razer’s teamed up with ergonomic office equipment company Humanscale to launch a new line of peripherals focused on productivity and sleek looks rather than kill streaks and victory royales.

Razer Pro Click

(Image credit: Razer)

The first of these accessories, and the only one to actually share Humanscale branding, is the new Razer Pro Click mouse. Eschewing Razer’s usual black and green color scheme, this pointer comes in white and gray and can connect either wirelessly or through a detachable USB-A to micro-USB cable. Like many office mice, it has a thumb rest on its left side and is meant to be comfortable to grasp for extended periods, but it still maintains the functionality of Razer’s gaming mice. That means it packs a Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor, which lets it support up to 16,000 DPI. It also has 8 programmable buttons. In wireless mode, it also has up to 400 hours of battery life and can pair with up to 4 devices at once (which you can swap between using a button on the mouse).

Razer Pro Type

(Image credit: Razer)

The Razer Pro Type, meanwhile, is a mechanical keyboard that shares the same aesthetic and goal as the Pro Click, but isn’t made in collaboration with Humanscale. This is a combination wired/wireless keyboard (it comes with a detachable braided USB-C cable) that uses Razer’s orange switches, which require 45 grams of force and have a 1.9mm actuation point and 4.0mm total travel distance. The goal here is on providing a comfortable experience that doesn’t require much force and leans towards a quieter sound profile. Like the Pro Click, the Pro Type can pair with up to 4 devices at once, though it also includes features pioneered by Razer’s gaming gear. This means it has fully programmable keys with macro recording and 10-key rollover anti-ghosting. The office-like aesthetics mean the only lighting here, though, are white LED backlights for each key. Battery life varies between 12 to 84 hours depending on your connectivity standard and whether you have the backlight on. 

Razer Pro Glide

(Image credit: Razer)

Finally, Razer’s also launching the Pro Glide mouse mat, which is made from 3 mm thick high-density rubber foam covered with a textured micro-weave cloth surface. It is approximately 14 x 11 x 0.1 inches large and comes in gray.

When I built my current computer, I made a concerted effort to make it look as un-gamer as possible. Unfortunately, I had difficulty extending that mature aesthetic to my peripherals. This new collaboration means that I can now easily do so without losing on performance, but it will cost me. The Pro Click is $99.99, the Pro Type is $139.99 and the Pro Glide is $9.99

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