Roccat Announces Khan Aimo 7.1 Gaming Headset

Roccat has released the Khan Aimo 7.1 gaming headset, an upper-end product in Roccat’s audio lineup featuring RGB lighting, a built-in sound card, and a comfort-focused design.

It has been a while since we last saw a digital surround-sound gaming headset from Roccat. The Kave XTD 5.1, which was released in 2014, actually had multiple speakers, two to be precise, per ear cup. True, that’s not enough channels for 5.1, but “multi-channel” headsets don’t typically actually contain multiple speakers. Rather, such headsets either receive multichannel analog input, which is down mixed internally, or, if they’re digital, re-process multichannel sound with an internal sound card. The Khan Aimo is an example of the latter. 

Roccat’s new Khan is a step up from its analog, two-channel sibling, the Khan Pro. It adds an internal 7.1 sound card to feed the single 50mm speaker in each of its ear cups. Similar to the Khan Pro, comfort is a major focus of the Aimo. The Khan series’ ear cups are mounted on traditional-style headphone yokes that allow for three axes of motion. The ear cups sit flatter on the side of the head with this design, allowing pressure to be distributed more comfortably than with the limited-motion mounts popular on many headsets. The Aimo’s earpads are memory foam and have a smooth material surface.

To help define the Aimo’s place above the Pro, and because the Aimo is a natively digital headset, Roccat added RGB lighting to it. As always, the feature is questionable for a device that isn’t seen while in use. It’s for the better, then, that configuring the Aimo’s lighting will be easy due to Roccat’s integrated Swarm driver suite, which aggregates all Roccat RGB controls into one place. As with the Pro, the Aimo has an integrated fold-up microphone and controls on the ear cup. All its additions only bring its weight to 275g, 45g more than the Pro.

We do not yet have information on North American pricing and availability for the Roccat Khan Aimo.

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ProductRoccat Khan Aimo
Speaker Drivers50mm dynamic
Speaker Impedance32 ohms
Speaker Sensitivity99 dB
Speaker Frequency10 ~ 40,000Hz
Mic CapsuleUnknown
Mic TypeUnknown
Mic Frequency100 ~ 10,000Hz
Mic Sensitivity-40 dB
Detachable MicNo
ConnectorsUSB 2.0
Cable LengthUnknown
Battery LifeN/A
Volume ControlVolume control on earcup
Microphone ButtonMic auto-mutes when folded
Noise CancellingNo
Sound CardIntegrated, 24-bit 96kHz
Weight275 grams