Rosewill Shows Off Full-ATX Cases at Computex

Two new ATX towers topped Rosewill's Computex presentation, which also included a bevy of product upgrades and peripherals. The B-2 Spirit leads the line.

Scaling to true full-tower heights, the B-2 Spirit includes 10 slots and enough internal width for 400 mm long cards and HPTX motherboards. There's enough space above the motherboard for a 3 x 120 mm (so-called 360 mm) radiator, a row of grommets near the top of the rear panel for external liquid cooling, and 13 dual-format (2.5"/3.5") drive trays.

The lower front panel is hinged for quick access to dust-filtered intake fans, and that door is lined with acoustic foam to reduce noise. Behind the drive cage more fan mounts allow a second internal liquid cooling radiator at 2 x 140 mm spacing.

Other features include a pop up cover for the triple-fan top-panel radiator mount, and a pop-up port sections with four USB ports (two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0).

A full-length slide-out dust cover protects the power supply and bottom-panel fan mounts, which are covered with drive cages in the shipped configuration.

Rosewill's less elaborate launch products include the Star Predator and Wolf Stone. The firm states that the overspray finish of the final product will match the less saturated look of the top panel on the displayed product.

The Blackhawk S receives a new top-panel section with built-in flash media interface and fan controller, comparing favorably to the model we recently tested. We can only hope the side-panels are easier to work with.

Rosewill's aluminum Legacy series looks even better in its limited-edition color schemes, though the hardware remains unchanged.

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  • southernshark
    When i think Rosewell, I think low quality.
  • dstarr3
    When i think Rosewell, I think low quality.

    Not necessarily. Their Capstone series PSUs are made by SuperFlower. Seven-year warranty. Top-notch stuff.
  • XxXGunXxXGraveXxX
    I can attest to what dstarr3 said. Ive got a 650W Capstone powering an i5 4670k and R9 280X, and not only does it work perfectly, but its whisper quiet and even when gaming i feel no heat from it.