Best Of The Best, Part 1: Who Makes The Most Elite PC Case?

Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra

Rosewill’s Blackhawk Ultra full-tower comes loaded with a 230 mm side panel intake fan, in addition to two front-panel 140 mm intakes. The front-panel’s mesh insert wraps around to also serve as top-panel exhaust.

The enthusiast using this enclosure might spend a lot of time blowing dust out of that pretty mesh, but it certainly offers a great amount of ventilation. And builders who don’t like the 230 mm side fan are even given the option to replace it with up to nine 120 mm fans.

Full towers traditionally have enough space for two power supplies on the rear panel, or a large drive rack and power supply. The Blackhawk Ultra extends this by adding three extra expansion slots, for a total of ten.

Remaining rear-panel space is filled with seven pass-through hole grommets and a 140 mm exhaust fan. Another 120 mm fan can be installed behind the CPU interface to assist motherboard cooling.

Front-panel I/O is located near the front edge of the top panel, and feature excessive USB connectivity. Two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports are available in addition to headphone and microphone jacks. Behind those ports, a rubber cover protects the power and data connectors of a 3.5” quick-swap drive bay.

If 25 inches isn’t tall enough for you, add the bundled casters to boost height by another couple of inches and make the Blackhawk Ultra easier to roll around on the floor. Rosewill's accessory package also includes a couple of four-/eight-pin CPU power cable extenders, just in case the ones that come with your PSU are too short to serve a case this tall.