Rosewill Unveils Latest Batch of Peripherals at Blizzcon

Rosewill announced a new set of peripherals coinciding with BlizzCon, which includes a special blue version of the Blackhawk case.

After the release of its first line of mechanical keyboards, Rosewill is set to release the Apollo RK-9100x and Striker RK-6000. Apollo will use either the Cherry MX brown or blue switches, and the Striker will come with textured keys for tactile use.

In addition to the new keyboards, Rosewill is launching three new mice: the Helix, the Jet and the Reflex. The Helix and the Reflex are both palm-grip laser mice and the Jet is a claw-grip. To backup this trio of peripherals, the company is releasing the React mouse pad series with several different sizes from which to choose.

Lastly, there's Rosewill's line of audio products including the Sonas headphones – a circumaural set with eight drivers, four for each ear. The Ampbox is a Bluetooth speaker that can run for up to eight hours.

  • Conrad925
    Since when has Rosewill been known for a line of RAM (high-end, or otherwise)?
  • edogawa
    I don't mean to insult someones taste, but this stuff looks rather generic and ugly to me.
  • ocilfa
    @edogawa I think thats the whole point of Rosewill in the first place. Mostly functional, but very generic.