Rosewill is Official Sponsor of BlizzCon 2013 Event

Rosewill, a manufacturer of various computer components, peripherals, and more, has announced that it will be an official sponsor of the BlizzCon 2013 event. BlizzCon is a yearly conference, held by Blizzard Entertainment, where various new games and developments from the firm are announced. This year BlizzCon will take place on November 8 and November 9, and it will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Rosewill will also be hosting off-site activities for those who won't be able to attend BlizzCon 2013.

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  • falchard
    yay will they be giving away free dead USB drives?
  • mekender
    After being burned by more than a half dozen various Rosewill products that died very quickly over the years, I wont even bother looking at their products.
  • Justin Pinotti
    Personally, my only Rosewill product I have owned is a Rosewill Challenger case. Great product, $43 after tax and shipping with 3 pre-installed fans out of the box. Very quiet and very budget friendly. Power LED is a little wonky but not worth the RMA.

    I love this case and I would definitely buy another RW product, not sure why they get so much hate.