Samsung Goes Compact With SP-P400 Mobile Projector

Smaller footprint. Better picture quality. Samsung claims to be offering up these qualities and others in its newly released P400 "ultra portable" projector.

The Samsung SP-P400 does weigh in at under two pounds, impressively, making it reportedly one of the lightest projectors to date. It also measures 5.8- x 2.5- x 5.7-inches, making it nicely compact as well. While I’m not one to find style in projectors, the SP-P400 does have some relatively nice looks for a product of its category.

The SP-P400 offers up 150 ANSI lumens, making it what Samsung says is one of the brightest LED projectors at the moment. You get DLP technology with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, a screen format of 4x3 and SVGA resolution as well.Perhaps the best feature though is the video and audio inputs which let you connect a laptop, DVD player or perhaps even a gaming console.

Now if Microsoft could just make a portable Xbox 360 I’d be all set for a great way to relax in the hotel room after a day of meetings. [via CE Pro]