Samsung Odyssey Ark Curved Gaming Monitor Oddly Goes Vertical

Samsung Ark
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Samsung is breaking out the big guns in the display arena this year at CES 2022. Over the weekend, the company dropped a bombshell with its 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8 240 Hz gaming monitor. The company is looking to turn heads again with the unorthodox 55-inch Odyssey Ark, which could make a run to be on our list of best 4K gaming monitors

What first catches your eye is the dramatic curvature of the screen and how relatively thin it is. But the other shocker comes from the fact that the display can be situated in landscape orientation or portrait modes. Samsung says that, when rotated vertically, the Odyssey Ark gives the user a "cockpit-style" view of the display to "[provide] a new gaming experience." We don't know of many games that would truly leverage the Odyssey Ark in portrait mode (perhaps Microsoft Flight Simulator), but Samsung says that the traditional landscape mode would be beneficial for multi-tasking and multi-window productivity tasks.

Unfortunately, Samsung is mum on specs for the Odyssey Ark. Other than the fact that it measures 55 inches across and has a 16:9 aspect ratio, Samsung only confirmed that it has a 4K resolution and can pivot/tilt. It also has a height-adjustable stand. There's no word on its maximum refresh rate, response time, brightness, HDR support, or even if it will come with "true" HDMI 2.1 ports.

However, Samsung did confirm that the Odyssey Ark will come with its own wireless controller with a dial interface that can be used to access the OSD.

Samsung hasn't given us any information regarding pricing or availability (or any other pictures), but we'd imagine that premium design and features will warrant a decidedly hefty price tag to match.

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  • Alphaswift
    I don't think I can use this but I love that they are trying something new. Samsung has always been good for throwing stuff on the wall and seeing what sticks.