Sapphire Announces Its First CPU Cooler

The company said it is now using its Vapor-X cooler technology for CPUs, which offers a similar architecture as its GPU coolers and leverages a vapor chamber that "is in direct contact with the CPU surface to accelerate the flow of heat away." A heat pipe array with 4x7 mm pipes as well as aluminum cooling fins are used to dissipate the heat.

There are also two 120 mm fans that are identical with the fans used on the Sapphire Dual-X series of graphics cards.

The manufacturer said that the cooler is targeted at CPUs with up to 200 watts TDP, and supports Intel CPUs Core i7/Extreme. i5, i3, Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme, Pentium, Celeron as well as AMD FX-series, A-series, Phenom II X2/3/4, Phenom X3/4, Athlon II X2/3/4, Athlon X2 and Sempron. The cooler is available now for $69 MSRP.


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  • Lord Captivus
    This si good news, but i would like a picture of the other side.
  • nukemaster
    The more the better. Sapphire has some quiet video cards, a quiet and higher performance cpu cooler sounds like a good idea.
  • axiler
    Looks pretty good :o