Scythe Rolls Out Lori CPU Cooler

Scythe has initiated the sale of its Lori mid-range CPU cooler.

The cooler is built using a medium sized, downward facing aluminum fin stack, to which heat is fed through three copper heat pipes. On top of the unit users will find a 100 mm fan that can spin up to 1800 RPM, but keep the noise level below 26.7 dBA.

The cooler will be compatible with pretty much any modern-day CPU socket you throw it at, including AMD's AM3+, FM2, as well as Intel's LGA1150 and LGA2011 sockets. It'll weigh only 400 grams.

The cooler has an MSRP of $35 and should either already be in stores or will be arriving soon.

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  • sunflier
    Unsure why this is news?? Looks like a typical CPU cooler.
  • lp231
    They should test this out by putting it under a lorry, to see if it lives up to its name. :p
  • Jgriff
    Sounds like a badass cooler to me. Below 26 dba, moving that air at 1800 rpm and it's 35$? You can't beat that.