Seasonic Hiking US Market MSRP Prices in December

Seasonic sent out an announcement today with some bad (but perhaps expected) news. Effective December 1, all Seasonic power supplies made in China and intended to be sold in the U.S. market will have an increased MSRP. According to Seasonic, this is the result of "recent market developments"; however, all orders made before December will adhere to current pricing.

In September, the U.S. government applied a 10 percent import tax on Chinese goods impacting the retail sector, meaning firms have to pay more money to import their products to the U.S. The list of companies that are forced to increase their prices due to the latest import taxes and tariffs doesn't only include IT and consumer tech brands, but several other major ones like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Walmart and LG Electronics.

See new MSRP increases on all Seasonic PSUs in the table below:

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ModelsCurrent MSRPNew MSRP Effective December 1
PRIME Ultra 1000 Titanium (SSR-1000TR)259.99279.99
PRIME Ultra 850 Titanium (SSR-850TR)209.99229.99
PRIME Ultra 750 Titanium (SSR-750TR)179.99199.99
PRIME Ultra 650 Titanium (SSR-650TR)159.99179.99
PRIME 600 Fanless Titanium (SSR-600TL)199.99219.99
PRIME 1300 Platinum (SSR-1300PD)249.99269.99
PRIME Ultra 1000 Platinum (SSR-1000PD)209.99229.99
PRIME Ultra 850 Platinum (SSR-850PD)179.99189.99
PRIME Ultra 750 Platinum (SSR-750PD2)149.99159.99
PRIME Ultra 650 Platinum (SSR-650PD2)129.99139.99
PRIME Ultra 550 Platinum (SSR-550PD2)119.99129.99
Platinum Fanless
Platinum 400 Fanless (SS-400FL2)99.99119.99
PRIME 1300 Gold (SSR-1300GD)219.99239.99
PRIME Ultra 1000 Gold (SSR-1000GD)179.99199.99
PRIME Ultra 850 Gold (SSR-850GD)149.99169.99
PRIME Ultra 750 Gold (SSR-750GD2)129.99139.99
PRIME Ultra 650 Gold (SSR-650GD2)109.99119.99
PRIME Ultra 550 Gold (SSR-550GD2)99.99109.99
PRIME SnowSilent
PRIME SnowSilent 750 Titanium (SSR-750TR SnowSilent)189.99199.99
PRIME SnowSilent 650 Platinum (SSR-650PD2 SnowSilent)139.99149.99
PRIME SnowSilent 550 Gold (SSR-550GD2 SnowSilent)109.99119.99
PRIME AirTouch
PRIME AirTouch 850 Gold (SSR-850GD AirTouch)159.99169.99
FOCUS PLUS 850 Platinum (SSR-850PX)139.99149.99
FOCUS PLUS 750 Platinum (SSR-750PX)119.99129.99
FOCUS PLUS 650 Platinum (SSR-650PX)109.99119.99
FOCUS PLUS 550 Platinum (SSR-550PX)99.99109.99
FOCUS PLUS 1000 Gold (SSR-1000FX)159.99159.99
FOCUS PLUS 850 Gold (SSR-850FX)119.99129.99
FOCUS PLUS 750 Gold (SSR-750FX)104.99109.99
FOCUS PLUS 650 Gold (SSR-650FX)89.9999.99
FOCUS PLUS 550 Gold (SSR-550FX)79.9989.99
FOCUS 750 Gold (SSR-750FM)89.9999.99
FOCUS 650 Gold (SSR-650FM)79.9989.99
FOCUS 550 Gold (SSR-550FM)69.9979.99
FOCUS 450 Gold (SSR-450FM)64.9969.99
FOCUS SGX-650 (SSR-650SGX)119.99129.99
FOCUS SGX-450 (SSR-450SGX)89.9999.99
G-650 (SSR-650RM)79.9989.99
G-550 (SSR-550RM)69.9979.99
M12II EVO 620 (SS-620GM2)59.9969.99
M12II EVO 520 (SS-520GM2)54.9964.99
S12II 620 (SS-620GB)49.9959.99
S12II 520 (SS-520GB)44.9954.99
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • WildCard999
    Still cheaper then Canada & Australia.
  • InvalidError
    21460436 said:
    Still cheaper then Canada & Australia.
    Since most Chinese imports to Canada go through US ports, Canadian prices will be going up on lots of stuff thanks to US tariffs unless Canada-China decide to bypass the US altogether by increasing the number and frequency of cargo ships that go directly in-between.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Not a big deal , pennies lost.
  • Kewlx25
    Just ordered a PRIME Ultra 650 Titanium. Perfect timing.
  • KidHorn
    Inflation be coming on all sorts of products.
  • elbert
    This will force companies to diversify their manufacturing to other countries and the market will be the better for it.
  • jimmysmitty
    21460857 said:
    This will force companies to diversify their manufacturing to other countries and the market will be the better for it.

    Its not so much that that is what needs to happen. What needs to happen is trade that is equal. That way other countries have a chance to get said jobs. Problem is China does everything for so cheap its hard to compete with them.

  • Soaptrail
    Thanks Trump!
  • shrapnel_indie
    1) Price hike isn't exactly following the tariff amounts, at least at a MSRP + 10% level.

    2) This is MSRP: remember, SUGGESTED retail pricing by the manufacturer. Retailers are not obliged to follow it, unlike some items in other sectors where MSRP was a bit more than a suggestion if you wanted to remain an authorized dealer (along with the amount of stock you sold, etc.)
  • Tanyac
    21460436 said:
    Still cheaper then Canada & Australia.

    Regardless of whether Australia imports from the US or China direct (and I suspect we will source from the US Mostly), Australian distributors and retailers will take any opportunity to hike prices. Even if this didn't affect us directly we'll still see 10%+ price hikes.

    Seasonic are just the first. I'll bet we'll see other manufacturers follow suit.