Seasonic's PSUs with Next-Gen 12VHPWR Connector to Start at $230

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As launch dates of next-generation graphics cards with a 12VHPWR power connector inch closer, we see more makers of power supply units roll out their ATX 3.0 offerings. Seasonic yet has to announce its ATX 3.0 PSUs formally, but numerous retailers in North America already list these parts. So far, we have seen pretty expensive ATX 3.0 power supplies, but Seasonic's PS Vertex lineup will include models that cost around $230. 

Seasonic's PS Vertex ATX 3.0 power supply family will include four SKUs: 80 Plus Gold-rated 1000W and 1200W models, as well as 80 Plus Platinum-badged 1000W and 1200W models, as discovered by @momomo_us. These PSUs are currently listed at numerous U.S. and Canada stores, including ProVantage and Tech-America, where they cost between $231.23 and $304.78. 

Being aimed at enthusiasts, Seasonic's PS Vertex ATX 3.0 PSUs are fully modular and are equipped with a large fan to ensure stable performance under high loads. The key selling feature of these power supplies is their 12VHPWR connector for next-generation graphics cards. 

Upcoming graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia (which are set to become the best graphics cards) are expected to use ATX 3.0-standard 12+4-pin auxiliary PCIe 5.0 power connector called 12VHPWR that can deliver up to 600W to a graphics card, depending on its needs and PSU capabilities (depending on the application, it is 150W, 300W, 450W or 600W). The 12VHPWR uses 12 pins for power delivery, whereas the four remaining pins carry sideband signals, such as sensing the connector's/PSU's initial allowable power and maximum allowable power. These sideband signals are implemented to ensure that an add-on card does not draw power above certain limits and burn PSU down. 

Seasonic's PS Vertex 1000W 80 Plus Gold is the cheapest ATX 3.0 power supply we have encountered, but as the standard gets more widespread, we will undoubtedly see even more affordable options. Meanwhile, keeping in mind that these PSUs are designed to deliver up to 600W of power to an add-on card, these will be high-wattage power supplies that will be priced accordingly.

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  • BILL1957
    Of course these new GPU's will ship with adapter plugs that will allow last gen adequate power output psu's to power these new cards.
    But will the PSU makers such as Seasonic offer a plug in play cable with the new GPU connector for say a recent last years model Seasonic 1300x platinum PSU?