Seasonic Intros Its First Titanium PSU And Lighting Cube Line

At Computex 2015, Seasonic is showcasing some of its new PSUs, including a shiny new Titanium unit with 850 W capacity and up to 94 percent efficiency at typical load with 115V input. This is Seasonic's first Titanium efficiency product, and it seems the company has been working on it for quite some time.

According to Seasonic's statements, this platform uses a high temperature rating (up to 105 degrees Celsius), Japanese capacitors, and includes all available protection features in order to be highly reliable.

Seasonic's Lighting Cube PSU line also made its debut at Computex. Both of the units in this new line, with 750 W and 850 W capacities, are being showcased at the company's booth. These units feature a new cool look along with an LED fan and 80 Plus Gold efficiency.

Users are able to switch between five different fan speed modes with a push of a button and at the same time change the LED lighting, which is different for each cooling stage. These PSUs are mostly for gamers and modders who fancy an out of the ordinary PSU for their systems.

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  • anort3
    So is this Titanium unit an all new high end platform from Seasonic or a continuation of the X and Platinum series? The LED models look good.
  • PaulBags
    For the hybrid/normal mode switch I'd like to see them use something that can't be accidentially switched instead of a rocker.
  • atheus
    Ah finally PSU's with integrated colored lights. Now all I am waiting for is a PSU that plays music of various genres when the load changes, starting off with some mario brothers music and ending with the theme song to Attack on Titan (