SignalRGB Software Controls 96 Keyboard RGB Video Wall

SignalRGB in action
(Image credit: WhirlwindFX SignalRGB)

WhirlwindFX, the developers of the free SignalRGB application for PCs, have been showcasing increasingly confident and impressive uses of their control and sync app. Last week at Pax West the firm demoed an expansive large screen 'display' that was formed from an array of 96 RGB LED backlit keyboards.

The 'pixelated' keyboard display was recorded pumping out iconic animations like Nyan Cat, as well as the inevitable clip of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up video. 

Controlling and syncing RGB LED packed devices on PCs can be a surprisingly tricky task, even in 2023. With the wide variety of similar (but different) apps from hardware makers like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock, Razer, EVGA, Cooler Master et al., those mixing components / peripheral brands sometimes have to deal with unexpected results.

A year ago we reported upon the array of 40 RGB keyboards that were set up to demonstrate the prowess of SignalRGB. At the time it was impressive, but we noted the 5 x 8 RGB keyboard array produced a display that was probably too 'pixilated' for widespread appreciation. Nevertheless, the firm's YouTube video revealed what a sizable task it was to setup this 'screen'. Thankfully for SignalRGB, the hardest work was in physically mounting, erecting, and wiring the keyboards - not using its software. Obviously, the new 8 x 12 RGB keyboard array was quite a task to prepare, too.

Microsoft is set to step in shortly, with its "effortless" and universal Dynamic Lighting app for Windows 11, but it isn't yet available for mainstream users. Dynamic Lighting is due to be included in Windows 11 23H2 which should start to roll out next month. In the meantime, WhirlwindFX is busy establishing SignalRGB as an alternative, free solution, with a paid Pro option for those who want a bit more from their RGBs. See the chart below for SignalRGB / Pro feature differences. The Pro app is subscription based and costs between $3 and $4 per month depending on custom commitment length.

Starfield Game Integration

Some of the more advanced features of SignalRGB require the Pro subscription. Game Integration is one such feature, and it has been demonstrated in the game of the moment - Starfield.

Above you can see the PC's RGB LED lit components flashing, pulsing, and color changing in sympathy with the on-screen action. Specific Starfield lighting effects include those triggered by low health, missile lock, grav jump, protection regeneration, and several more.

SignalRGB isn't the only software to offer these kind of immersive gaming features, but it is still good to see it in action here. Moreover, the developers say that the app "has game integrations for the hottest games and the list of integrated games expands every month."

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