SilverStone Lists ML06 HTPC Mini-ITX Enclosure

SilverStone has listed its upcoming ML06 Mini-ITX enclosure, which is intended to be used for building HTPCs.

The case is very small. In fact, it's so small that SilverStone boasts that it has a capacity of only seven liters. It measures 99 mm tall, 350 mm wide, and 205 mm deep.

In terms of hardware capacity, it can house Mini-ITX motherboards, an SFX-size power supply up to 140 mm long, and a single low-profile expansion card. A 4-in-1 bracket allows for the installation of either a single slim optical drive, two 2.5” drives, a single 3.5” drive, or a 120 mm fan. Additionally, the case supports two more 2.5" drives, as well as two more 80 mm fans.

There was no word yet on what the case would cost, though we expect it to launch not too far from now.

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  • Carlos Pirela
    My NEW CASE !!!
  • Jgriff
    Nice, real nice. I'm glad to see case makers putting more focus into the mini itx form factor. PC parts are only going to get smaller, cooler and more efficient. There's really no need for anything bigger than a mini itx now a days unless you're into sli. Throw in a Asus gtx 760 mini and this thing would be a nice little gaming machine.
  • ragenalien
    The asus gtx 760 is a half sized card. Not a low profile card.