SilverStone To Meet Low-Profile Needs With Nitrogen NT09-115X Intel CPU Cooler

If you’ve ever built a low profile computer, you likely understand how difficult it is to find a CPU cooler that will fit. There are often few choices, other than an Intel stock cooler, when building in some of the Mini ITX cases that are on the market. Silverstone has just released a new cooler to help solve that problem.

The Nitrogen NT09-115X is SilverStone’s latest low profile heatsink and fan combo. The NT09-115X is a small round heatsink with a 92 mm PWM fan on top, which SilverStone said features near silent operation. The fan pushes air down over an array of aluminum fins that the company said are positioned for “better airflow and enhanced heat dissipation.” SilverStone also said the NT09-115X is only 45 mm tall, so it should fit in even the smallest of cases.

The NT09-115X supports Intel’s LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150 and LGA1151 sockets and can handle processors rated for up to 65 W TDP.

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Model No.SST-NT09-115X
MaterialAluminum core, extruded aluminum fins
ApplicationIntel Socket LGA1156/1155/1150/1151
Cooling fan92mm PWM
Dimension w/fan96mm (W) x 45mm (H) x 96mm (D)
Fan blade size92mm (W) x 25mm (H) x 92mm (D)
Fan speed550 ~ 2500 RPM
Air pressure0.136 ~ 2.8mmH2O
Noise18.5 ~32.0dBA
Net Weight213.5g (with fan)
Air Flow (CFM)10.34 ~ 47.0CFM

SilverStone said the NT09-115X is available now with a suggested price of $13.75.

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  • SpeedEnforcedByAircraft
    So, I may not be the first one to notice, but this does heavily resemble the Intel 46XX stock cooler...
  • kcarbotte
    17467440 said:
    So, I may not be the first one to notice, but this does heavily resemble the Intel 46XX stock cooler...

    it definitely does.
    it doesn't have those aweful push clips though.
  • TechyInAZ
    It definantly does look like an Intel Stock heatsink, however it looks far better built. I'd like to see performance tests on this cooler. It'd made a great stock cooler replacement.

    I upvoted my answer as a test. Currently trying to troubleshoot this problem.
  • photonboy
    Wow, "Nitrogen"... it sure must cool well.

    Is that a proprietary fan?

    I really do hate the Intel cooler though. Perhaps I'm an idiot but I destroyed it trying to REMOVE the cooler when building my sister a PC (and I've built a lot of PC's). So it looks like a nice way to mount this new cooler (screw down).

    My concern is the PRICE. I wonder how well it will do in terms of cooling/noise for that price. I know many don't care but if I could get quieter for just $10 more then I'd do that instead. Obviously it's for small form factors and cooler CPU's, but it's still noise to reduce noise where possible (especially for a small PC on the desktop right in front of you).
  • bit_user
    Enjoy dusting it.

    Reminds me of a Zallman flower heatsink I had on my P4. The closely spaced fins trapped dust, which had to be cleaned out twice/year or else the CPU would overheat.

    Of course, this will go on lower-TDP CPUs, probably requiring less airflow.