The Best PC Case At Computex, from SilverStone

Computex is a show about everything computing, and then some. If you manage to make it to the show, you'll find a host of companies showing off PC chassis of various sizes and configurations.

Despite the ocean of desktop cases at the show however, only one really stood out from the rest: the SilverStone Fortress FT02. It's a silver version of the more beastly looking Raven, but we're giving the nod to the FT02, and an honorable mention to the Raven.

SilverStone has taken the traditional layout of a chassis and turned the motherboard direction vertical, with the backplane facing upwards. SilverStone says that this will allow significantly better air flow as well as heat removing performance of chassis fans. The case takes in air from the bottom, moves it vertically through the case, because hot air rises, and the exhaust flows up and outwards. To assist in this, both the Fortress and Raven employ three massive 180mm fans with high CFM but low RPM rates. This keeps noise to a minimum.

Current generation graphics cards will benefit from the same design.

In the Fortress FT02, SilverStone used its SilentFlux passive radiator to cool the CPU. The direction of the fins on the radiator also compliment the upward direction of airflow in the case. When we put our hand to the radiator, the unit felt merely warm to the touch.

Judging from every other case we've seen at the show, both the SilverStone Fortress and Raven are the best enclosures for both form and function.

The black case you see above, is the SilverStone Raven.

  • compulsionnra
    That's kind've interesting. Although it looks like all they really did is put more fans on the back of a case and turn it on it's back.
  • gimpy1
    The Fortress has a Mac Pro feel to it, with that air inlet at the bottom.

    I think it looks good. I'm not so sure about that CPU cooler, but that is easily remedied.
  • frenchy
    How about a picture of the top of the case? That was one of the main features of the case right?
  • christop
    I like the Raven case kinda sweet but I bet it has a big price..
  • grieve
    frenchyHow about a picture of the top of the case? That was one of the main features of the case right?for sure... I was thinking the same thing.

    Is there something that covers my unsightly 34543 connectors now showing on top ?
  • B-Unit
    If you look close at pic 2, you can see that they turned the ports upward, but their not at the top of the case.
  • avatar_raq
    I've been modding cases for a while to achieve one directional air flow from buttom to top (2x120mm fans at the buttom, 2x120mm fans at top panel -incliding the PSU fan if top mounted-, sealing every other hole). I wished some company to finally do it, but I didn't imagine rotating the mobo 90 degrees, although it may aid cooling, but cables spurring from the top of the case will look so ugly.
  • Gin Fushicho
    I'm probably going to be hated for sayin this... but that Raven case is orgasmic.. oh my god I want it.
  • philpot2005
    Looks like there will be a top cover that hides the cables and routes them out to the rear of the case.
  • philpot2005
    Sorry for the double post. This case is very well designed, and the cable management setup is simple but looks awesome! If this case is lighter than my Tt Kandalf case I might have to bite the bullet and buy it if it comes out.