SilverStone Releases Strider Platinum Series Of PSUs

SilverStone released the new Strider Platinum series of power supplies, targeted at users who value high efficiency and quiet operations above all else.

The Strider Platinum series shares several features across the product family, most prominently an exceptional 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency rating. The 80 Plus Platinum rating is the second highest rating that a power supply can achieve, and it guarantees at least 89 percent efficiency at 115 V regardless of load. SilverStone also claimed these power supplies will experience low ripple and noise when in use, varying at most by 3 percent.

All power supplies are 140 mm in depth and should fit inside of all standard sized microATX and ATX cases. SilverStone placed a 120 mm fan inside of all units, which is designed to turn off when the PSU isn't under significant load. This enables the PSU to remain essentially silent under light loads, but cool and efficient under high load levels. The last feature shared across all PSUs is an entirely modular design.

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SilverStone Strider Platinum Series
Max Output750 W650 W550 W
+3.3 V22 A120 W22 A120 W20 A105 W
+5 V22 A22 A20 A
+12 V62.5 A750 W54.2 A650 W45.9 A550 W
-12 V0.3 A3.6 W0.3 A3.6 W0.3 A3.6 W
+ 5 Vsb3.0 A15 W3.0 A15 W3.0 A15 W
Price$165.48 USD$143.88 USD$131.88 USD

There will be three modules available between 550 W and 750 W, and they will be coming starting October 19.

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  • dstarr3
    Another PSU article that doesn't disclose the OEM. Really kind of useless without that info.
  • griffon9
    Actually the small size (only 14cm) is the biggest selling point. This along with its all flat cables make it very versatile. I think they are also going to a release a Titanium version soon, just 1 cm longer (15cm).
  • ko888
    The OEM is High Power / Sirfa.
  • jimmysmitty
    16751227 said:
    Another PSU article that doesn't disclose the OEM. Really kind of useless without that info.

    Strider Platinum 550w - 750w High Power / Sirfa 850w - 1200w Enhance

    It is in the THF PSU Tier list.

    Looks like so far most High Power/Sirfa tend to be tier 2/3 while Enhance is also 2/3.