SilverStone Uses Another OEM To Upgrade The ST45SF To V3.0

Shortly after announcing the new version (v.2.0) of the ST30SF unit, SilverStone revealed that the ST45SF unit has been upgraded to v3.0.

The differences between the v.2.0 and v.3.0 units are notable because the first is based on an FSP platform, while the latter is made by Sirfa. For starters, the temperature rating has been degraded to 40 ℃, however a larger and more silent fan is used in the new model and the +12V rail has slightly increased capacity. Three more differences worth mentioning are the stronger 5VSB rail and the addition of OVP (Over Power Protection) and UVP (Under Voltage Protection) in the v.3.0 model. These protections, if they are configured properly and used alongside other safeguards, can defend the PSU against bad operating conditions or other problems. We should stress here that in order to be effective, UVP should not be configured much lower than the respective lowest threshold that the ATX spec defines for each DC output, which for the +12V, 5V, and 3.3V rails are 11.4V, 4.75V, and 3.14V respectively. Lastly, according to the latest ATX spec, all positive DC outputs should be within 5% range of their nominal voltages even under peak loading.

The cable configuration remains exactly the same in the new ST45SF unit, while SilverStone continues to include in the bundle an SFX to ATX bracket, which will be valuable to users who want to install the PSU in a normal ATX case instead of a mini-ITX one.

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SilverStone ST45SF v2.0 & v3.0Features & Specs
Max. DC Output450W
Efficiency80 Plus Bronze
Form FactorSFX
Operating temperature0°C ~ 40°C (v.3.0) 10°C ~ 50°C (v.2.0)
ProtectionsOver Current Protection Over Voltage Protection Short Circuit Protection Over Power Protection (v.3.0 only) Under Voltage Protection (v.3.0 only)
Protections1 x 24 / 20-Pin motherboard connector (300mm) 1 x 8 / 4-Pin EPS / ATX 12V connector (400mm) 1 x 8/6-Pin PCIE connector (400mm) 1 x 6-Pin PCIE connector (400mm) 3 x SATA connector (300mm / 200mm / 100mm) 2 x 4-Pin Peripheral connector (300mm / 200mm) 1 x 4-Pin Floppy connector (300mm / 200mm / 200mm)
Cooling92mm Fan (v.3.0) 80mm Fan (v.2.0)
Semi-passive operationNo
Dimensions125mm (W) x 63.5mm (H) x 100mm (D)
Weight1.1kg (V3.0) 1.0kg (V2.0)
Noise Level18dBA minimum
Warranty3 years

For most of you, the use of a larger fan with 92mm diameter in the v.3.0 unit is what matters the most because it will operate at lower speeds, restricting the PSU's noise output. Moreover, SilverStone told us that for a period at least both versions of the ST45SF will be available for purchase. This is why it states in the product's page that the v.2.0 has greater 3.3V and 5V output and higher temperature rating of 10℃ ~ 50℃ for NAS/storage focused systems or industrial PCs (IPC), while the v.3.0 has greater +12V output and lower noise for home desktops or gaming PCs. In our opinion the v.3.0 is they way to go, because in addition to the larger fan, it is also better protected and has stronger +12V and 5VSB rails.

SilverStone ST45SF v.2.0

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Max. PowerAmps2122362.50.5
Total Max. Power (W)450

SilverStone ST45SF v.3.0

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Max. PowerAmps202037.530.3
Total Max. Power (W)450
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • jtd871
    "which will be valuable to users who want to install the PSU in a normal ATX case instead of a mini-ITX one."

    Should read "which will be valuable to users who want to install the SFX PSU on the standard ATX PSU mount found on the majority of PC cases."

    Not many "m-ITX" cases require a SFX PSU. In fact, even Silverstone chose to go with an ATX mount on their SG-13 refresh of the SG-05.
  • Aris_Mp
    Yes you got a point there, although personally when I hear m-ITX my mind goes to SFX units since besides small dimensions, also have short cables which are perfect for such small cases.
  • Lucyca
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