SK Hynix to Introduce New NVMe SSDs With 128-Layer '4D NAND'

(Image credit: SK Hynix)

At CES 2020, the Korean semiconductor company SK Hynix Inc plans to expand the company’s reach in the consumer market. SK Hynix will have its latest SSDs, the Gold P31 and Platinum P31 PCIe NVMe SSDs, on display.

SK Hynix has been a major supplier of components to various OEM computer manufacturers over the past decade, but the recent release of the SuperCore series Gold S31, a SATA SSD, marked the company’s entrance into the consumer market in the USA.

The company will introduce two new PCIe NVMe SSDs into the mix that cater to those seeking higher performance for gaming and multimedia editing workflows. Both drives are built using the company’s latest 128-Layer '4D NAND' flash. The new flash is making its way to market rather quickly, as SK Hynix just announced it six months ago.

SK hynix didn't reveal any further details about the SSDs, though. The company designs and manufactures DRAM, NAND, and SSD controllers in-house, giving it an edge over many of its competitors that use off-the-shelf components. Considering the company manufactures DRAM, it is unlikely that the SSD controller design will lack a cache, but we are still waiting for feedback on specifics.

If you are attending the CES and want a first-hand look at the new Gold P31 and Platinum P31 PCIe SSDs, stop by SK Hynix’s booth (#13529) in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central LLCC Hall.

Sean Webster
Storage Reviewer

Sean is a Contributing Editor at Tom’s Hardware US, covering storage hardware.

  • Darkbreeze
    4D Nand? What is it, tesseract memory? Hypercube RAM? LOL.
  • urbanman2004
    Darkbreeze said:
    4D Nand? What is it, tesseract memory? Hypercube RAM? LOL.
    Sounds like a bunch of marketing BS 😂