Razer Star Wars Keyboard Made for Jedi and Sith

Razer today shared some details on its special gaming keyboard that it will roll out specially for Star Wars: The Old Republic game.

The stand-out is an LCD track-panel that can display information as well as accept multi-touch input. There will also special buttons dedicated to macros, as well as programmable keys.

The keys themselves are of the "slim cap" Chiclet style and feature gold (yellow) backlighting. For the added bling, there's also a changeable lighting system to remind you if you're on the Dark or Light side.

It looks pretty great, so all you need to decide if it's worth your $200.

Razer Star Wars Keyboard

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  • henydiah
    light saber ... !
  • s997863
    all that useless bling and no numpad? into the garbage compactor with it ...
  • $200 ea? well it is expensive to build a death star.