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Valve Adds VR Categorization Options, Developers Start To Use them

In preparation for the release of SteamVR’s first HMD, the HTC Vive, Valve recently updated the Steamworks settings for developers so they can specify that their game is VR compatible, which headset it works with, and several other parameters, including the size of the required play area.

As recently as yesterday, there were only a handful of listed games that support the HTC Vive, but today, now that the hardware is available to pre-order, you can find 44 experiences (and counting) that will work with the upcoming VR HMD. The majority of the available titles are compatible with the motion controllers, and most of those are capable of, or require, room-scale tracking.

Many of the supported games that you’ll find on the list are in fact older games that have SteamVR support added. Among them you’ll find DCS World, a military flight simulator that was originally released in 2013; a few games from 2014, including World of Diving and Mind: Path to Thalamus Enhance Edition; and a number of games that launched throughout 2015, such as Euclidean, a “geometric horror game” that launched in September for the Oculus Rift DK2, and Crystal Rift, which also originated as an early Oculus Rift demo and was later released as a full game in April last year.

Most of the games that are on the list and that will be released this year appear to be VR-exclusive titles, many of which we’ve known about for a while and have even tried, but there are some games that we aren’t familiar with, such as A-10 VR, a sci-fi gallery shooter; The Brookhaven Experiment Demo, a first person horror shooter; and A Legend of Luca, a first person “rogue-lite” game that the developer describes as “Zelda-like.” These three games are roomscale, Vive-exclusive titles that we’ve not yet tested, but they look very interesting.

Game titleMotion ControllersGamepadKB / MouseSeated ExperienceStanding ExperienceRoom-Scale Experience
Descent: UndergroundXXX
5089: The Action RPGXXXXX
Crystal RiftXXXXXX
Kumoon: Ballistic Physics PuzzelXXX
World of DivingXXX
Mind: Path to Thalamus Enhanced EditionXXXX
4089: Ghost WithinXx
Water Bears VRXX
The Grand Canyon VR ExperienceXXXXX
Metaverse Construction KitXX
Arizona SunshineXXX
Hover JunkersXXXX
Felt Tip CircusXXX
Spare Pirate TrainerXX
Budget CutsXX
Sluggey' Fruit EmporiumXX
The Rose and IXXXX
Cloudlands: VR MinigolfXX
Thunderbird: The Legend BeginsXXX
Marble MountainXXXX
The Brookhaven ExperimentXXX
A Legend of LucaXX
Waltz of the WizardXXX
Final StrikeXXX
Orc AssaultXX
A Chair in a Room: GreenwaterXX
Fantastic ContraptionXX
Abbot's Book DemoXXXX
Job Simulator: The 2050 Archive'sXX
The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the StarseedXXX
Final ApproachXXXX
CDF Starfighter VRXX

It’s good to see more titles listed on Steam and announced for HTC’s Vive. We’ve spent a lot of time testing out the hardware, but as amazing as the technology may be, it’s the software that will show the true value of the system. It’s a safe bet we’ll see many more titles in the coming weeks. In fact, I had to revise this article (twice!) while I was writing it because several more titles were added before I finished.

Update, 2/29/2016, 8pm PT: Corrected some typos.

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  • MrChain
    To get VR beyond these random $30-$80 popups now..
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    Not one of those games looks or sounds appealing.
  • Warsaw
    Not one of those games looks or sounds appealing.
    You don't even have any idea what those games are like. Way to open yourself up to new experiences and be negative about something trying to innovate.
  • HTC vive and oculus ? why no OSVR ? and no support for leap motion ? shit, gamepad, motion controller are not right for VR