Streacom's Open-Frame SSF Cases Go Totally Tubular

Streacom DA6 and DA6-XL
(Image credit: Streacom)

Streacom has announced a new mini ITX small form factor (SFF) case that is basically an open frame case designed for use in a vertical orientation. The new Streacom DA6, and slightly taller DA6-XL, might appear minimal in the extreme. However, the case designer thinks they will appeal to two main PC building audiences; those designing a passively cooled build and those who want to give their premium components maximum exposure.

We won't comment too much on the design appeal of these cases; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you will have your own opinion on whether this is one of the best PC cases available

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Form FactorSFF Vertical Open FrameSFF Vertical Open Frame
Motherboard SupportMini ITXMini ITX
CPU Cooler Height105mm to edge105mm to edge
PCI Support3+3+
PCI max dimensions323 x 145 x 87mm358 x 145 x 87mm
Fan / Radiator SupportUp to 140mm / 280mmUp to 140mm / 280mm
Drive SupportMultiple 2.5- and 3.5-inchMultiple 2.5- and 3.5-inch
Dimensions / volume / weight215 x 215 x 431mm, 19.9liters, 2.4kg215 x 215 x 466mm, 21.5liters, 2.5kg
Universal brackets88

The DA6-XL is only a little taller than the DA6 – by about 35mm. However, the major benefit of the larger case is the ability to fit in GPUs that are longer than 323mm, reaching up to 358mm. Streacom's images show that GPUs are typically installed vertically with the outputs facing down. This fitting is facilitated by a riser cable that the maker lists as an "optional accessory." Pleasingly, adjustments to the riser mount and PCI mount can be made to make sure the GPU fans align with the centreline of the case.

Whichever size case you buy, you will have a 150mm space between its sides, and here you can fit the universal brackets. Eight are provided, and they allow a lot of positioning flexibility with their thumbscrew adjustments. Another important piece of this design is the use of the motherboard support posts. These fit centrally and support only Mini ITX motherboards but can also act as support for the GPU riser assembly.

It is also interesting to see the modular port system employed here. Streacom supplies a module with both a power button and USB-C port. You will install this in the bottom panel by default, but there are two other cutouts on the top panel where these modules can fit. Streacom says it is designing other modules with more port options and a biometric power button option.

Lastly, while Streacom's design looks rather minimal in an IKEA storage product way, it asserts it has only used premium materials for the product. The 19mm diameter frame tubes are SS304 stainless steel and aluminum components that use AL6063. We have tried to use a selection of images here to showcase the available blackened and chrome finishes.

Steacom's DA6 is priced at €139 / $150, and the DA6-XL is at €149 / $160. The DA6 and DA6-XL will be made available in both chrome and black anodized tube finishes. Availability in Europe is scheduled for late-July. Streacom says it will publish its official product pages soon.

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