CES 2006: Targus targets ladies with new carrying cases

The Jackie ("Kennedy," we presume) Leather Tote comes in red and black. It has a padded compartment for a portable computer, a PDA pocket, and plenty of space for accessories. We think the red Jackie is the coolest of the bunch. It has a suggested retail price of $149.99.

The Katherine ("Hepburn," perhaps) Carrying Case has a gray tweed exterior and storage options similar to the Jackie. In addition to an internal mobile computer storage area, the Katherine comes with a removable padded computer slipcase. Targus encourages buyers of this case to leave the computer behind in the slipcase and take the case on a weekend trip. The Katherine's suggested retail price is $99.99.

The new line of Targus computer carrying cases for women. From top: Jayne, Katherine, Liz, Jackie

The nylon twill Liz ("Taylor?") Tote Deluxe has interior storage for a laptop or notebook computer and accessories. It includes a removable mini bag for storage of small items such as money or credit cards. Targus says, "For many women, the additional mini-bag makes it possible to travel without a separate purse, consolidating all items into one easy-to-carry bag." Liz lists for $79.99.

Targus describes the Jayne ("Mansfield," or so we think) Tote as "an affordable case featuring soft curves, a professional aesthetic and emphasis on lightweight materials." Sounds like the Jayne Mansfield we knew. The tote has a padded space for a portable computer that locks with a magnetic catch. The Jayne has a suggested retail price of $49.99.

All of the new cases are available now from Targus or the company's extended group of resellers.

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