Team Dignitas Edition Gaming Mouse And Mat From Corsair Announced

Corsair and eSports team "Team Dignitas" announced their partnership in January 2015, and since then the team has been exclusively using Corsair-branded peripherals in tournaments and practice. Corsair has now revealed the first branded products to come out of that partnership.

Corsair announced the Saber Laser RGB Team Dignitas Edition, which is simply a new color scheme for the already-released Saber Laser RGB gaming mouse. If you are a fan of yellow, this will be an attractive option regardless of the Team Dignitas branding. Fans of Corsair products who don't care for the new Corsair Gaming logo may be interested in this mouse, as the logo is replaced with the Team Dignitas logo, which is illuminated with RGB lights. The rest of the mouse is unchanged from the standard Saber Laser RGB mouse.

The Saber Laser RGB features an adjustable 8200 DPI laser sensor with customizable DPI selections and two DPI selection buttons. There is an RGB light to indicate which setting is selected, and you set it to display any color with the Corsair Utility Engine Software. Beyond the illuminated DPI light and team logo, the mouse wheel and underside of the mouse have RGB lighting zones, as well.

The Saber Laser RGB Team Dignitas Edition also shares the same eight programmable buttons with Omron switches and 1000 Hz USB refresh rate. The weight of the mouse is unchanged (it remains 100 grams), and it features the same 1.8m braided USB cable.

The second product in the partnership is the M300 Anti-Fray Cloth Mouse Mat – Dignitas eSports Edition, which is actually a new product. Corsair said this mouse mat has been designed for precision control and reinforced so that the surface won't peel.

The MM300 Mouse Mat features a reinforced stitched edge that should prevent any kind of edge fraying. Corsair said the textile weaved surface of the mat delivers pixel-precise tracking, optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice. The fabric is also designed for low friction on the moussing surface, but the underside of the mat features anti-skid rubber to keep it secure on your desk.

The Team Dignitas MM300 comes equipped with the Team Dignitas jersey design featuring a bright yellow Team Dignitas logo across the 360 x 300mm surface.

Corsair's Saber Laser RGB Mouse Team Dignitas Edition is available for $54.99, and the MM300 Anti-Fray Gaming Mouse Mat Team Dignitas Edition is $24.99.

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  • MagusALL
    Do you own any of these Corsair RGB products? Because I do and the K70 RGB keyboard is great. Backlit for night use and programmable buttons, you can change the color of each key so certain ones stand out for those of us who haven't managed to master typing without looking down for a split second. I have the model with the MX Cherry Brown Keys and I love my keyboard so I think you, who does not own one, and your ignorant comment should be tossed aside by mine, due to me HAVING ONE. Hater.