Team Group Outs Vulcan Z and Dark Z RAM Kits With 32GB per Module

(Image credit: Team Group)

Team Group is back with a couple of new RAM kits, this time aiming at users who need lots of memory. With the upcoming expansions to the T-Force Vulcan Z and Dark Z lines, the company is introducing modules that can pack up to a whopping 32GB.

Team Group is packaging two modules in each kit for a total capacity of 64GB. The announcement today noted that the Vulcan Z will also be available in a single-channel kit with a single DIMM; however, the specifications on the product page disagree.

We do know that the Vulcan Z kits will come in DDR4 2,666 MHz and DDR4 3,000 MHz frequencies, Team Group is only selling the Dark Z 64GB kit in a 3,000 MHz flavor.


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Name ConfigurationFrequencyCAS Timings
Team Group Vulcan Z 64 GB 2666 MHz2x 32 GB2,666 MHzCL18-18-18-43
Team Group Z 64 GB 3000 MHz2x 32 GB3,000 MHzCL16-18-18-38
Team Group Dark Z 64 GB 3000 MHz2x 32 GB3,000 MHzCL16-18-18-38

(Image credit: Team Group)

CL timings for the modules sit at CL16-18-18-38 for the 3,000 MHz modules, with the Vulcan Z 2,666 MHz kit running at CL18-18-18-43. Naturally, XMP profiles are included for easy setup.

Team Group didn't share information on pricing or a release date for the kits. 

Niels Broekhuijsen

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