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Team Group and HKEPC Set New SuperPi Record

Team Group, along with HKEPC, has set a new SuperPi 1M record: 5.078 seconds. The previous record stood for 17 months.

The team used a "TeamGroup ProjectX-BBSE" memory module, which is a module that is not available on the commercial market. The other hardware used was an Intel Core i7-3770K processor overclocked to 7.136 GHz, along with an ASRock Z77 OC Formula motherboard. The "TeamGroup ProjectX-BBSE" memory module was clocked at 2719 MHz, with timings set at CL-7-11-7-24. Yes, liquid nitrogen was used for cooling.

The project for this was the "ProjectX Memory Module" project, the aim of which was to make better overclocking memory products. The "TeamGroup ProjectX-BBSE" memory module is based on the Xtreem Series DDR3-2000 CL8 2 GB module.

  • okibrian
    The one on the right, yum!
  • Mike Friesen
    I got 11.5 sec...
  • robochump
    Gotta like the Alpha Nerd in the blue shirt and the girl scared to touch any of 'em...heh.