Thermaltake Announces Pure Plus 12 Digital RGB Fans For Radiators

Thermaltake launched a new RGB fan to add to its recently upgraded RGB Plus lighting ecosystem. The Pure Plus 12 is a 120mm fan that uses a nine-blade fan rotor and a hydraulic bearing. Thermaltake calls the Pure Plus a radiator fan, but the maximum static pressure of 1.59mm-H20 isn’t particularly high. As a PWM fan, the Pure Plus has an RPM range from 500 to 1,500.

Beyond its performance, which doesn’t seem to have any particularly standout aspects, the Pure Plus lighting control is based on the aforementioned RGB Plus system. This is Thermaltake’s proprietary digital RGB lighting system. If you want a brief explanation of this newer form of RGB lighting, check out this article. Basically, it allows each LED in the Pure Plus to be programmed individually through Thermaltakes software. All Thermaltake RGB Plus-enabled devices connect to an RGB Plus controller, which is supplied, via USB. The controllers, in turn, connect to your motherboard via USB.

The Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 comes in packs of three. Pricing and availability of the fans wasn’t announced.