Thermaltake Adds Voice Control To Its New RGB Plus Ecosystem

Thermaltake has added voice control to its TT RGB Plus ecosystem with the latest version of its mobile app. The feature is called TT AI Voice Control, and it lets users access most TT RGB Plus settings by saying “Hello TT.”

Thermaltake has long offered various app-integrated RGB components. The issue with the company’s previous products, such as the Toughpower iRGB Plus PSUs and TT Premium Edition Riing fans, was that they all had their own software and apps. Thermaltake’s new TT RGB Plus ecosystem replaces that by tying together the company’s newest RGB Plus products and offering a new RGB Plus mobile app.

Although some older RGB-lit Thermaltake products aren’t, many Thermaltake RGB products released before RGB Plus’ announcement, such as this RGB radiator and reservoir, are compatible with the new ecosystem. Look for the TT RGB Plus logo to know if a product is compatible. TT RGB Plus is an evolution and expansion of the company’s older and fragmented software, but it still largely works the same. You’ll need to install the TT RGB Plus computer software to build the ecosystem before you can set up the app. Beyond the basics, such as selecting lighting mode and colors, the app allows you to change fan speeds, reports system warnings, and enables sound and lighting synchronization that can effectively turn your PC into a glorified BPM detector.

The headlining feature of the new mobile app is TT AI Voice Control. The feature is currently only supported on the iOS version of the app, but it will be coming to the Android version soon. AI Voice Control can change a huge amount of settings, but it also requires that you remember equally as many keywords. For example, you can set the lighting mode, color, and lighting mode speed in a single voice command by stringing together the lighting mode’s name, color of choice, and a speed interval keyword.

This will get complicated quickly, so we expect that most people will only rely on voice control for basic conveniences, such as disabling lighting when starting a movie. Also, because the voice control can only be accessed from within the app, you’ll still need to have your phone in your hand. Don’t expect that TT RGB Plus will give you exactly an Amazon Alexa or Google Home-esque experience.

Unlike motherboard OEMs’ lighting ecosystems, the control hub of a TT RGB Plus ecosystem isn’t a motherboard but a Thermaltake RGB Plus fan controller or case. All Thermaltake RGB Plus-marked fans and coolers come with a controller. Each controller supports five devices, and up to 16 controllers can be daisy-chained.