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Thermaltake's Trio of CPU Coolers Tame The Toughest Of CPUs

ToughAir 510
ToughAir 510 (Image credit: Thermaltake)

Thermaltake has introduced the new ToughAir series of CPU air coolers for both Intel and AMD platforms. The ToughAir 110 features a horizontal form factor, while the ToughAir 310 and ToughAir 510 adhere to a more traditional vertical tower design.

Regardless of the presentation, Thermaltake implements a four copper heat pipe arrangement with the ToughAir CPU coolers. Each heat pipe, which is 6mm in diameter, makes direct contact with the processor and transfers the heat towards the aluminum heatsink, which flaunts an optimized layout for the best heat dissipation.

Thermaltake rates the ToughAir 110 (137.7 x 123.6 x 114.1mm) with a cooling capacity up to 140W. The ToughAir 310 (123.6 x 71.7 x 159.5mm), on the other hand, is good for up to 170W, while the ToughAir 510 (123.6 x 98.8 x 159.5mm) that relies on an additional fan can cool up to 180W. 

The Ryzen 9 5950X and Core i9-10900K are AMD and Intel's current mainstream flagship processor. The first sports a 105W TDP, while the latter carries a 125W TDP so, Thermaltake's ToughAir CPU coolers should have no problem handling either chip.

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ToughAir 110

ToughAir 110 (Image credit: Thermaltake)
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ToughAir 510

ToughAir 510 (Image credit: Thermaltake)
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ToughAir 310

ToughAir 310 (Image credit: Thermaltake)

The ToughAir CPU coolers employ the ToughFan 12 cooling fan. The fan, which measures 120 x 120 x 25mm, comes equipped with nine liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fan blades and Thermaltake's second-gen hydraulic bearing. The ToughFan spins between 500 RPM and 2,000 RPM. You can control its speed thanks to the standard 4-pin fan connector.

At its highest velocity, the ToughFan 12 delivers an airflow and air pressure up to 58.35 CFM and 2.41 mmH2O, respectively. According to Thermaltake, the fan has a maximum acoustical noise level of 23.6 dBA and a lifetime of up to 40,000 hours (around four and a half years).

Socket compatibility includes Intel's LGA1200, LGA115x, and AMD's AM4, FM2, FM1, AM3, AM2, and their corresponding derivations.

If you're interested in securing ToughAir's services, the CPU coolers will hit the U.S. and Canadian markets in the first quarter of this year. The ToughAir 110 will retail for $34.99, the ToughAir 310 for $39.99, and the ToughAir 510 for $49.99. Thermaltake backs the ToughAir CPU coolers with a limited two-year warranty.