'Titanfall 2' Gets Another Free Weekend, 'Colony Reborn' DLC

EA and Respawn Entertainment are offering another free trial of Titanfall 2's multiplayer until April 3. You'll also be able to play through the Training Gauntlet to hone your shooting, sliding, and wall-running skills, and The Beacon mission to get a taste of the single-player campaign. Both the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon will be free to play "in perpetuity" after the long trial weekend comes to an end, too, in case you want more time with them.

This free trial arrived at the same time as the free Colony Reborn downloadable content. The expansion added the Colony map from the first Titanfall, a new R-101 weapon, and a Curb Check execution. It also introduced new paid cosmetic content: Prime Titans dubbed Northstar and Legion; a Camo pack with 20 new camos; a Callsign pack with 20 new banners and patches; and some new warpaint for each Titan as well as 5 more Nose Art designs.

The additional cosmetics aren't required to play Titanfall 2--they simply offer you more options to personalize your experience. (And, naturally, help support free DLC like Colony Reborn.) Some might bemoan the inclusion of micro-transactions in a $30 game, but at least EA and Respawn aren't offering gamers willing to throw around money a leg-up over the competition, which can lead some games to value your wealth over your skill.

Colony Reborn and the free trial are part of Respawn's efforts to remain engaged with Titanfall and its community. February saw the arrival of new maps, a Pilot-only Live Fire mode, and an updated playlist interface. Respawn announced on March 16 mobile tie-ins set in the Titanfall universe, a free-to-play Titanfall game for Korea, and more expansions for Titanfall 2; the developer also said it would publish more blog posts, a Q&A video series, and more.

You can see what all the fuss is about yourself from now until April 3. Doing so will net you double XP--which is also handy even if you're already well acquainted with Titanfall 2--and let you play the fresh Colony Reborn content. You can also learn more about the game via our hands-on from E3 2016.


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  • woodcockls
    Except the r101x has the exact same stats as the r201, so it isn't a new gun in any way. The sounds are exactly the same as well. The only decent thing from this DLC was the map, which is a remake from the first, has pretty bad framerate issues on PC, and has a giant blinding sun added to it (which they also added to the Angel City remake). This update was extremely lazy from the devs, with almost all of the new content requiring you to pay.
  • poochiepiano
    The way I see it is that the R-101 and Colony were nostalgia add-ons. Sort of like Terminal getting added to Modern Warfare 3. And it also kind of lets you level up the R-201 again without regenerating your character. It's free stuff, how is anyone going to complain about it? Like the article said, all you can buy is cosmetics so you'll never lose to someone using a gun or equipment or booster that you couldn't get because you didn't want to shell out money on top of the game and that's the way it should be. Respawn has got the right idea, I just hope they can increase the scale of their products and that EA doesn't muzzle them.