Announcing the Tom's Hardware MSI AMA And Giveaway!

Ever wanted to ask one of the big hardware or software giants something directly? Why did they do that? Where did the idea come from for that last product? What’s in store next? Well, now you have the chance!

Tom’s Hardware is proud to announce our latest installment of ASK ME ANYTHING. 

On Wednesday, August 17, we’ll be hosting the next Tom’s Hardware AMA with our wonderful guests from MSI. They'll be answering your in-depth questions about all of MSI's current products and maybe even some of their future ones, including their recently announced and fully revamped line of gaming notebooks. Each new notebook carries the latest in Nvidia's Mobile Pascal architecture, but you won't see an "M" initial at the back this mobile platform. Nvidia's new mobile GPUs offers the same number of CUDA cores and same level of performance as their desktop counterparts. If you haven't already check out our in-depth articles on MSI's new series of gaming laptops and Nvidia's launch of Mobile Pascal.

The AMA starts tomorrow at 1pm EST, but we're collecting questions ahead of time. Submit all AMA questions to this thread. All questions will be moderated and supervised by Tom’s Hardware Assistant Community Manager, Joshua Simenhoff, and a full team of Tom's Hardware Senior Moderators.

Also, An MSI Gaming Giveaway

We’re also proud to announce an upcoming giveaway done in partnership with MSI. We’re giving away MSI Z170 Gaming motherboards and graphics cards, including the beastly MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G. The sweepstakes will open in conjunction with the AMA at 1pm EST on August 17 and will close at 12pm EST on August 26. Please see the contest entry page for a full list of rules and ways to enter.

Ask Me Anything Rules

• No tech support questions, as these require in-depth personal follow-up and diagnostics.
• All Rules of Conduct apply.
• Keep questions direct and to the point.
• Avoid opinion bias, as in, "Why are all your products awesome/horrible?"
• Be respectful of our guests--no insults, no leading questions.
• Do not post duplicate questions or repost your question multiple times.
• Not all questions may be answered. Questions may not be answered in the order in which they are received or posted.

To reiterate: No opinion bias, insults, leading questions, or breaking the Rules of Conduct. Breaking these rules may result in a one-day ban.

Only registered users will be able to ask questions, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to register now for your chance to participate!

The official representatives will reply periodically over the time the AMA is active using a recognized and verified account.

Please join us on this date to throw your questions into the mix and ask MSI what you've always wanted to ask!

What: Ask Me Anything – MSI
When: Wednesday, August 17, 1pm EST
Where: The Tom’s Hardware Forums!

  • Service Team Supervisor: Henry Hernandez (MSIHenry)
  • NB Product Manager – Cliff Chun (MSI NB-PM)
  • NB Associate Marketing Manager – Lenny Tang (MSI Subzer0)
  • NB Marketing Specialist – Michael Ly (MSI Scorpion)
  • Components Associate Marketing Manager – Mark Tran (MSIMarkGO)
  • Components Marketing specialist – David Yee (MSIDavY)
  • SPB Associate Marketing Manager – Eugene Kuo (MSIGENO)
  • snidely196
    A link to the contest page would be helpful.
  • Titillating
    18420516 said:
    A link to the contest page would be helpful.

    Our pesky CMS doesn't want to play nice and is not correctly showing the hyperlink.

    A link to the contest page can be found in the forum thread where the AMA will take place.

    A direct link, for convenience:
  • bgunner
    Was never a big fan of the multiple entry sweepstakes because they favor those that are social butterfly's and more recently require smartphones. These can also be seen as voluntary data mining of personal information. Logging in using facebook gives access to pics, vids, posts and more. Lots of information can be derived from these kinds of things.

    Now lets ask why they want this access shall we. The answer is quite simple in fact, it is for marketing purposes. This way they can try to target the consumer in a way that influences them to purchase there particular brand. This is quite simply a spend a few bucks and make thousands from it. OK I'm on a bit of a rant but my main point is that the social butterfly gets better odds than one that doesn't use some of the programs for entry's.