Tom's Hardware Q4 2014 System Builder Marathon: The Winners

We don't just do our system builder marathons because they're cool (even though they are) and fun (even though they are); we do them so we can give these rigs away to a few fortunate readers. This time around, you can direct your jealousy to these Q4 2014 System Builder Marathon winners:

  • Craig Thompson of Houston, TX is taking home the High-End PC. (Approximate retail value: $1,635)
  • Our Mainstream PC is headed to Grzegorz Wos in Passaic, NJ. (Approximate retail value: $1,166)
  • And Charles Ramkishun of Ozone Park, NY will be receiving the Budget Gaming PC. (Approximate retail value: $623)

Congratulations to all our winners! Hit the links above to see the build bounty they'll each be enjoying shortly. You can also enjoy a breakdown of the group of systems here in our "value compared" article.

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  • gilbadon
    More like "And let the odds be never in your favor".
  • rayden54
    Ever get that one fixed?
  • Gunbuster
    Congrats winners!
  • vmem
    Always been curious what the odds are actually like, as in how many people typically sign up for these things
  • tch
    I have to say I don't know what the odds are and how they have changed since I last one, but in 2009 on my birthday i won the SBM with a Core I7-970 and SLI GTX460's. Then in 2010 I won an HP laptop all from this site. So the odds can't be too bad if one person could win twice.
  • tch
    Won not one. Woops.
    Just to update on the status of the system... after moving from SC to NM, i managed to kill one of the two graphics cards, although it might have been all the F@H i was doing as well, and I never got the system to work at 4+ GHz like in the review (things got to hot). But other than that it is used on daily basis and I have added an SSD for booting and multiple HDDs for storage and it runs like a champ at 3.7GHz on all 6/12 cores/threads.

    Update on the HP laptop, the system itself still works perfectly however I took it as carry-on on an airplane and they "did'nt have room for it" so they stored it underneath the plane and broke the screen hinge. :( So now it sits in my closet unused for the most part as I know have an Alienware M18X R2 that we use as our portable, if only slightly, computer.