Store, Share Files with Toshiba's Storage Space

Toshiba introduced on Thursday a new storage service called Storage Place. This offering will be a subscription-based service, providing customers with 10 GB of storage for $39.99 per year. Customers who sign up today will get the 10 GB virtual locker free for thirty days.

"Storage Place is a critical piece of Toshiba's emerging cloud strategy that includes other content hubs, including Book Place and Travel Place, and showcases our commitment to helping consumers take control of their own digital content," said Dang Nguyen, Brand Manager, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division.

According to Toshiba, Storage Place is the first storage service that doesn't solely rely on the cloud. Essentially, this service allows users to access a specific folder stored on a desktop PC from any device. For example, I installed the desktop app as required, and then jumped online and used a web app to configure the location of my shared file folder.

Once that was done, I could see my files online. I then installed the app for both the Nexus 10 (Android) and iPhone 5c (iOS). Both apps showed the shared folder on the PC, but in order to get local files to upload to the PC, I had to perform a copy/paste. I also had the option of copy/pasting files to the cloud just in case I want to leave the PC's hard drive as read only.

Honestly, paying $39.99 a year for access to a PC's hard drive doesn't sound too shabby. Users can access these files anywhere and at any time. The 10 GB limit was questionable at first until files were being uploaded and downloaded from the local hard drive; you really don't need more than that. Is it better than using Dropbox or Box? That depends on the user.

"Storage Place enables seamless, fast peer-to-peer file access and supports multiple device installations for easy remote access. Storage Place provides consumers with both cloud and local file storage and sync capabilities, eliminating the need for syncing to the cloud, because consumers' personal computers act as their servers," states the PR.

As previously reported, the first 30 days are free so users can experiment with the service. To get started, head here.

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