Samsung's 4 GB Vista flash SSD to be priced under $200

Following the announcement of its 4 GB solid state disk (SSD) flash drive late yesterday, Samsung today clarified some open questions and provided additional information about the product to TG Daily.

According to a spokesperson, the drive will be targeting owners of high-end PCs that intend to accelerate the performance of their Windows Vista PCs. The drive is likely to be available to system vendors to be pre-installed into new PCs as well as to the retail market to enable users to upgrade PCs they already own.

In addition to a 2.5" form factor, Samsung will also offer a 1.8" version. Both drives can be mounted in regular 2.5" slots within the PC case.

Samsung has not released pricing on the device, but told TG Daily that it would charge a "slight premium" over the wholesale price of flash memory, which is currently around $65 for 4 GB chips. According to, the average etail price for current 4 GB flash products ranges from about $80 to $200, depending on manufacturer and product.

Samsung declined to specify a price range of the device when it launches, but mentioned that a "price below $200 would be a reasonable assumption."

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  • royalcrown
    A drive that cant even hold it's target os...I sure hope no one is stupid enough to fall for this...