Windows Phone Has A Dedicated VR Title 'InMind'

Recently, mobile phones have been the focus of attention for many VR developers because of the easy access to products like Google Cardboard. Cardboard has been available for Android and iPhone 5/6 for over a year now, but Windows Phone was essentially devoid of any VR love.

Now, with the release of InMind VR for Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia owners can also enjoy virtual reality. InMind VR is the first game to be ported over to Windows. The game takes you into a human brain to hunt down faulty neurons. You fly around a neural network where you'll find nerve cells, cytoplasm, tubes and other components that make up the brain. As you fly through the brain, you'll find diseased neurons identified by a red color. Simply turn towards the target and lock your gaze on it to attack.

To play the game you will need to have a Cardboard-ready goggle set of some kind and a Windows Phone. Not all phones are compatible, though -- only those that feature a gyroscope and accelerometer will work.

The company has not fully elaborated on the particular models it works with, but the Lumia 540 Dual Sim, 640 XL and 830 were specifically listed in Microsoft's blog post about the game, so you can expect those models to pass muster. Some users have complained in the comments of the game's store page that there are issues with latency on the 930, and tracking issues on 1520 and 810 Lumia phones reportedly send players into a constant left-hand spin. 

If you would like to try InMind VR, the game is available for free from Microsoft's store.

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