Windows On Weight Watchers? 'Lean' Version Spotted

Image Credit: Lucan (@tfwboredom)Image Credit: Lucan (@tfwboredom)

If your computer has so little storage that it can't easily run Windows updates, Microsoft may soon have a solution for you. Eagle-eyed Twitter user Lucan spotted a reference to "Windows 10 Lean" in Microsoft's latest "skip ahead" build for its Windows Insider beta testers.

While Microsoft has been mum, telling Laptop Mag that it has no comment, Lucan speculates that Windows 10 Lean is a lighter-weight version of Microsoft's operating system that's made for low-end computers that have weak processors and small storage drives.

The main clue that this new OS option is for low-end PCs is the smaller size; Lucan reports that it is 2GB smaller than a typical Windows 10 Pro install, which would be perfect for budget devices. It would also leave room for updates on devices that sport only 16GB of storage.

Elimination of features such as the wallpaper, Registry Editor, and the Microsoft Management Console could streamline operation on low performance computers like the HP Stream or the Lenovo Ideapad 100S.

The focus seems to be on cutting certain features that the target user would not use, in favor of an OS that will stay efficient and quick. Others speculate that Windows 10 Lean could become an option for mobile devices. However, just saving a mere 2GB isn't particularly impressive, so perhaps there are more changes than we know.

There is no reported date of release for this install option, but Microsoft could make an announcement at its upcoming Build conference.

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  • johnrhenle
    2GB isn't going to help 16GB devices much if at all. You still won't be able to fit Windows 10, Chrome, and Office 365 in 16GB, and Office 365 won't let you install it anywhere other than c:\Program Files. And the real problem with 16GB devices is the big Windows 10 feature updates require an additional 8GB or space to download and install. Again, 2GB doesn't help any here. You basically have to do a fresh install from a USB drive on all the big updates.
  • kuhndj67
    I certainly hope it also fixes the bloat that has windows updates constantly expanding the WinSxS folder without allowing you to go in and clean house.
  • kuhndj67
    Good point Johnrhenle... I can barely get Win10 installed on a 32GB netbook, I can't imagine cutting a few GB will allow the lean version to squeeze onto 16GB.