Report: Windows 7 SP1 Coming Summer/Fall 2010

Despite being officially on sale for less than two weeks, Windows 7's been done for months now. And those same Windows developers has been working on the next evolution of the OS. Yes, there will be a Windows 8, but before that there needs to be maintenance for all the current Windows users.

While Microsoft hasn't said anything yet about the first Service Pack for Windows 7, it's an inevitability. Russian site Wzor has information that points to the first beta of Windows 7 SP1 hitting around January 2010. Allegedly, the release schedule for SP1 will include two betas and two release candidates.

According to Neowin, Wzor believes that OEMs will have SP1 during the summer months and end users will be able to install it in the fall.

The first service pack for any Windows OS is significant as that's when many IT departments and some users choose to take the plunge. This blog on InformationWeek urges those who want a new Windows to consider jumping sooner rather than later. Would you agree?

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  • jonpaul37
    Windows 7 really doesn't need SP1 to get people to cross-over, they did that with the release canidate, i'm running it right now, it's good until August 2010 AND i have a copy of WIN 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I have loved it ever since i installed it clean over my XP 64-bit setup.

    Win 7 is for real
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  • pbrigido
  • the_one111
  • pbrigido
    This really can't come as a surprise to anyone. Microsoft typically releases SPs within a year of the release of a new OS.

    For now, I'll just enjoy the hell out of my Win7.