QOTD: Will You Be Running Windows 7 Today?

Updated: It's today!

Tomorrow Today is the BIG day when Microsoft officially releases Windows 7 to the mass market. While some of you may have already been running TechNet or early sold educational editions, this is the big splash that many are expecting to revitalize the industry.

Some of you may have purchased a new PC over the last few months and qualify for a free upgrade (which, it turns out, might not be completely free). For the rest of you, especially you DIY folk, you'll have to purchase your Windows 7 separately just like any other component of your machine.

We'd like to know from you today: Will you be a Windows 7 owner tomorrow today? If so, will you waste no time and install/upgrade as soon as you get back to your PC?

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • tayb
    Been an "official" windows 7 owner for a couple of weeks now and been running it since build 7000.

    I can't say that I'll be throwing a windows 7 part though.
  • one-shot
    Why run it tomorrow when I'm running it today?

    However, if I didn't get it through MSDN, I'd wait a little while because Vista works fine right now.
  • As soon as i have my copy i will install on my old computer (but not the way you guys had a video of, having to get more ram to get Windows Vista up and about! ;))
  • Accidental
    As an employee at a software company we get had the privilege of installing the Windows 7 RTM Professional/Business on our workstations. It is far beyond what I initially expected and will be installing an Ultimate copy for my home PC. Props to M$ for a stable, lean and mean OS (so far, from my past month of usage)
  • timaahhh
    Payday is on Friday :). Gonna order it along with a 750 GB harddrive.
  • dlux
    I'm in no hurry. I've had 0 problems with Vista since I got it and don't exactly see the need, let alone day 1. If anything I would wait a few weeks at the least to see if anything major pops up and they get all the wrinkles ironed out. MS isn't exactly known for flawless roll outs.
  • Ehsan w
    I don't really see any major upgrades to spend 100 euro's on it
    gaming performance didn't really go up anyways from vista which i'm running now. Maybe windows 8
  • masterasia
    Yes, on all 4 of my PCs. Windows is great compared to Windows Vista.
  • Well, I'm already running the MSDNAA Windows 7 Pro, but I know many people who will be getting it as soon as it's available. Overall, the OS really is something to be impressed about. Its features and flawless performance thus far leads me to believe this will be the best addition to the Windows family yet. Grats to Microsoft.
  • wishtar
    No, Believe or not I'm still using Windows 2000. I purchased Windows Wista six months ago when I discovered Win2K couldn't be installed on my new 500GB drive. I've played around with Vista but haven't really gotten hardcore into it yet. Win2k is still working (from old drive) fine for me being much more familar. I have to admit Vista is so different it will take some getting used to and I have to see if the programs I want to use will run correctly before I start using it full time.